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I am tired of hearing that it is the most successful British film ever ingrained onto celluloid, I am sick of its music, I am bored to the backmost teeth by its stars relating how it was the most meaningful piece of work they have ever been engaged upon and how they realised as soon as they read the script that this was really, really, something which they would die to do, and if I needed any more convincing of how jaded I am with the entire enterprise then I only have to recall how Tony Blair himself has now begun using its title as a political phrase, eg that his Foreign Secretary is about to deliver The Full Monty, although to whom I remain confused.
The first hole is a 411-yard par four (from the blue tees, which measure 6,314 yards; the backmost gold tees measure 6,716) that is so evil it's rated the No.
From the backmost tees, the course plays 6,880 yards, short by today's standards but more than long enough for the average player.