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Mr Worrall was one of the six backpackers speaking at an event titled 'Realising Pakistan's international tourism potential: why and how', at the Institute of Business Administration's city campus, organised by the Trade and Development Authority of Pakistan.
The Backpacker's Mount Pleasant location is closed, according to multiple websites.
The British backpacker has been in New Zealand for the last two weeks.
The team at the British Backpacker Society will continue its journey and travel more destinations.
In Pakistan, the backpacker duo recommended travelling to Hunza Valley, Kaghan Valley and climbing the Rakaposhi (7,788m) and Nanga Parbat (8,126m) peaks as "the mountain scenery was unimaginably beautiful, and we will remember it forever." They cherish Pakistan's magnificent mountains more so because there are no such high mountains in Britain.
Although the amounts are meant for budget travellers like backpackers, it can also be a useful indicator to people who have more money to spend.
Watch as young travelers make a jump into a whirlwind adventure with Cebu Pacific Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge 2017.
The NFF has said that the tax should represent a rate that attracts backpackers into the sector and is comparable to the rates paid to Australian workers.
Qatar Airways chief executive Akbar Al Baker is not a fan of backpackers
A backpacker tax' introduced in last year's federal budget has had no changes made to it, despite calls from several lobby groups that it might damage Australia's tourism sector in the long term.
Backpacker Louise worked on Backpacker Louise worked on farms in Australia at the end farms in Australia at the end of 2012.