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BEACH. The sea shore. (q. v.)

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The landscape of the study area consists of a foreshore bounded by Hudson Bay and either (1) shallow quartzite rock cliffs, possibly supporting aeolian dune formations, or (2) a backshore area containing aeolian dune formations (Fig.
Marine intertidal habitat included nearshore, foreshore, and backshore regions (Godfrey 1976).
The foredune (beach-margin dune) is a shore-parallel dune ridge formed at the top of the backshore (upper beach) by aeolian sand deposition within vegetation (Hesp 2002).
Photogrammetric rectification of digital aerial photography (1935-1990) and shore-zone surveys (1989-2001) show large spatial and temporal variance in coastal recession rates which is partly a function of backshore materials.
The habitat contained several parallel cover type zones elongated east to west: ocean intertidal zone, bare backshore, sparsely vegetated backshore/ dune, densely vegetated backshore/dune, and human land use.