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BACKSIDE, estates. In England this term was formerly used in conveyances and even in pleadings, and is still, adhered to with reference to ancient descriptions in deeds, in continuing the transfer of the same. property. It imports a yard at the back part of, or behind a house, and belonging thereto: but although formerly used in pleadings, it is now unusual to adopt it, and the word yard is preferred. 1 Chitty's Pr. 177; 2 Ld. Raym. 1399.

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The ex-professional footballers are facing off against east other in the Battle Of The Backsides - a five-day trial to be the first person to sit on half of the seats at the national football ground - which equates to 45,000 seats each.
And if I were the England coach I'd be telling him, Shah and even Graham Napier to get their backsides back here and play some cricket," The irror quoted Gough, as saying.
WIGAN manager Steve Bruce admitted his side "had their backsides kicked" in the 4-0 defeat at Everton.
And, of course, McCarthy's phrase once telling journalists it wasn't "their backsides in the bacon slicer" in terms of having to take penalties has become the stuff of legend.
99), his debut collection of black-and-white photographs featuring male backsides, in the United States (the collection has already been released in several European countries).