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Hordes of Tory lobby fodder will allow the Prime Minister to backslide safe in the knowledge that she has the votes banked.
Whether for your sector, or my countrymen, it is clear: Now that we have so many successes under our belt, now that we are realizing our aspirations, we cannot allow ourselves to backslide.
Ironically, we believe that employees' long-term focus could be contributing to the slight backslide we are seeing in employees' day to day money management habits.
may backslide on the prior permit if the permittee installed treatment
While ONP looks relatively strong on the West Coast, some sources in the Midwest report signs of a backslide for the grade.
some of that political liberalization and reform has either stalled or backslide in the last several years" (p.
combat forces in Afghanistan; the war on terror with Osama bin Laden on the loose; North Korea's nuclear weapons program up and running; China's increasing military and economic power coupled with its efforts to expand its political influence throughout Asia and beyond; Russia's continuing backslide into authoritarianism and regional bullying; Israel's upcoming withdrawal from Gaza and a post-Ararat Palestinian leadership teetering on the brink of a full meltdown; and a U.
A decision to backslide on the Charter and Norms--and it is hard to see the decision to delay matters until November as anything else--will delay the necessary healing and reopen the wounds of deception, manipulation and control--all the false ideals that produced this scandal.
economy and Japan's possible backslide into recession will have on the entire region, among other things, the source said.
Bernardino also knew that his sermons might have only a short-term effect and that many in his audiences would probably backslide, but he also urged his hearers to think of themselves as the buon cavalcatore who often falls from his horse as he learns to ride.