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After 1215, there was a social census which enabled every backslider in faith to be identified and assigned a mark to distinguish him as of "true" Christian lineage, a converso (one who had embraced the Christian faith by taking the sacrament), or a marrano (one who claimed to be a Christian, took the sacrament, and observed the faith publicly, but continued to be a Jew privately).
The two year long Operation Backslider was set up after detectives from the SCDEA received information that Scots were sourcing cocaine directly from Colombian drug cartels
His argument was again succinct: "David, you show me a college-educated Baptist, and I'll show you a backslider.
The People can reveal that Gray said in his 'testimony': "Billy Wright influenced me greatly even as a backslider on the things of God.
A recent line among media-watchers is that Clinton, if he tumbles, will have been done in by the "Catholic media mafia," a community of pundits driven by harsh Catholic morality to score on a Protestant backslider.
To understand Bill Clinton the prodigal son, the almost penitent, the backslider, it helps to know something about Baptists.
The fundamentalist view lays down an inflexible law which leaves no room for any other interpretation, and which roundly accuses any backslider of blasphemy.
The full cycle, from agreement to rejection to agreement, took roughly one year, with debtor countries' reputations with the IMF ranging all the way from "model debtor' to "irresponsible backslider.
The opening verse of the poem explicitly locates the backslider as
The original purpose of Lent was to instruct pagan converts in the faith and to prepare the backslider to return to the fold.
Once back on the streets, caught between the daily realities of poverty, homelessness, illness, addiction, and the looming threat of reincarceration, most of them will scramble to survive as chronically unemployed recyclers, panhandlers, hustlers, and backsliders (Gowan 2010), while the few "successful"ones will be channeled into the secondary labor market of minimum-wage, insecure, and degraded work, where they will serve alternatively as a hyper-exploited labor force or as a disposable reserve army of labor (Bumiller 2015; Doussard 2013).
18) However, Russia is one of the democratic backsliders and China never was democratic.