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based media watchdog is calling attention to the so-called top 10 list of backsliders.
Government whips were scattered among the green benches to make sure that there were no backsliders.
SIR - What a bunch of two-faced backsliders the opposition parties in the Assembly have shown themselves to be.
If Dante were writing his Inferno now, after burning the occasional backsliders in hot sand, binding habitual offenders in chains and burying persistent bad dies up to their shoulders in ice, he'd have the really incorrigible sinners condemned to plod perpetually along Oxford Street on Christmas Eve, weighed down with six bags of shopping, tormented by office-party hangovers and saddled with absolutely no idea what to buy.
This is a reform this magazine has long advocated and could be a great step forward if both quality treatment is provided and potential backsliders know the penalty will be swift and sure.
39) Despite the initial willingness of many indigenous people to embrace Christianity, apostasy was rife and priests were urged to be on their guard against backsliders.
You can't help falling for this roots-rock platter from North Carolina's solid Backsliders.
I'm relying on SAD chairman Sir Tom Farmer to put a bomb up the aforesaid backsliders.
The sinner had only one chance to repent; backsliders were cast out of the church.
They have their success stories - construction manager Michael McGiff has lost more than 10 stones in the last year - but also several backsliders who lost a pile of weight only to pile it all back on again.
Besides, if the will to eliminated jail sentences for publishing offences really did exist, the president could have just as easily decreed the amendment of 33 articles in the Egyptian Penal Code reinforcing this antediluvian practice, and saved the regime's face from further slipping to the bottom of the roster of notorious backsliders in freedom of expression indices worldwide.