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At Christmas, it takes 17 Masses to handle the backsliders who appear only on those feasts ranked in the ordo as doubles of the first class.
These contributions replace unidentified backsliders, and Linda Pollock's limp offering on concepts of privacy perhaps represents another kind of backsliding.
Besides, if the will to eliminated jail sentences for publishing offences really did exist, the president could have just as easily decreed the amendment of 33 articles in the Egyptian Penal Code reinforcing this antediluvian practice, and saved the regime's face from further slipping to the bottom of the roster of notorious backsliders in freedom of expression indices worldwide.
The French coach has already suffered two years of torment as manager of the Premiership's renowned backsliders.
Beware the backsliders, though, who keep pushing the deadline on, the dieter, for example, who takes the fig roll on the excuse that 'there's no point beginning the diet until after the holiday season because there's too much food in the house which will only go to waste and anyway, the gym's still closed'.
The idea is that the shares of companies which comply (or explain coherently) should go up, while those of backsliders are punished.
Backsliders had only been unconscious hypocrites, for example, while separatists still were, as Perkins and Rogers were quick to claim.
Mammoth has a roster of more than 25 artists, including the gold-record-selling Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Backsliders, Pure, Victoria Williams and Frente
After the victory over A&P, when Costonie was at the height of his popularity as a political leader, he struck back at his critics saying that he had "a list of names of persons who were traitors" to the cause of freedom and that "the Ark is about to leave, and I am giving all the backsliders a last chance to get on.
The Commission has complained in a new report that it is having to open more and more actions against EU backsliders to force them into line.
Three months before they actually join, the ten will be subject to a sweeping review of eligibility, and any backsliders could be rejected at the last moment.