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He hinted that Andy was made the scapegoat in a situation where almost everyone was involved in backstabbing.
However, later in the day, Sreesanth deleted a few of the most stinging tweets, including the references to backstabbing and selfishness in the cricket community.
A spokeswoman said: "The first challenge for Douglas Alexander and Labour is to pick a new leader who will put a stop to the internal sniping and backstabbing that brought down Wendy Alexander and join the SNP in a positive discussion about more powers for the Scottish parliament.
Osi noted that Syria always supported Arab common action and never closed its doors to Arab countries, yet the Syrian people saw nothing from these countries except betrayal and backstabbing.
Pick of the day The Apprentice: The Final BBC1, 9pm After 11 weeks of buying and selling, biscuit-making, beauty treatments and boardroom backstabbing, the remaining candidates gather for a four-way battle to determine who will set up in business with Alan Sugar, and receive a pounds 250,000 cash injection to get their new company off the ground.
Nicolaou, who sat in his holding cell in a pair of black trousers, trainers and a black and white checked puffer jacket, said the drugs business was a dirty, backstabbing one and that everyone was out to trick everyone.
Conversely, if by backstabbing you mean telling tales to the boss, that really is a waste of everyone's energy.
Gossip, ego battles, backstabbing and manipulation.
The Proviso" is a story of family treachery, deception, backstabbing and all of those other shady concepts.
Phoebe, an aspiring actress, is excited to be in her new school, but everything gets complicated along the way: boys that make her heart skip a beat, backstabbing girls, and playing a certain game that involves spinning a bottle.
Would it be too much to ask that those elected to represent the people of this city nowput aside the arguing, backstabbing and political point scoring and work together to effectively deal with the problems of deprivation and waste within the city in order to make real improvements to the lives of the people who voted for them?
If true, then it's obvious that you did not read Berl Falbaum's Definitive Guide to Organizational Backstabbing published in 1994.