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He joined the Royal Household in 1951, aged 15, and over the following 51 years worked his way up to become the Queen Mother's Steward and the Page of the Backstairs.
Our politicians, it seems, therefore prefer to avoid exploring the backstairs of our political culture.
The result is a compendium of occurrences and facts sometimes only tenuously related to wine that together offer a backstairs view of a great man.
Implicitly, we are all encouraged to follow a moral consciousness that is at home equally with Ruskin, Morris, and Blake as with, as Bellow describes it in Herzog, "Chicago: massive, clumsy, amorphous, smelling of mud and decay, dog turds; sooty facades, slabs of structural nothing, senselessly ornamented triple porches with huge cement urns for flowers that contained only rotten cigarette butts and other stained filth; sun parlors under tiled gables, rank areaways, gray backstairs, seamed and ruptured concrete from which sprang grass; ponderous four-by-four fences that sheltered growing weeds.
We would disappear into the Byzantine backstairs storage area and retrieve the periodicals, usually returning to the reference desk with irritated eyes and runny noses due to the dust and mold.
Maybe, just maybe, a person's backstairs, backstage handling of things begins because America has yet to deal with its homosexual guilt.
Through backstairs channels, however, a company spokesperson let it be known that Bechtel rules, and its slogan is "No Fear.
I caught Pizza (Paul Fenech, 2000) a couple of times on SBS TV during the war on terror but then about two months ago I got drunk and kicked my TV down the backstairs and that kind of put a stop to the ingestion of current affairs.
Author Robert Sherwood once wrote that Hopkins was "generally regarded as a sinister figure, a backstairs intriguer, an Iowan combination of Machiavelli, Svengali and Rasputin.
Both are backstairs literatures that often have to be semiclandestinely
She rejects the charge that she gives backstairs tittle-tattle the same weight as responsible observation.