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The Exchange Backup API supports full Exchange database backup only and does not support mailbox restore; therefore, some interesting methods have been developed to recover a lost mailbox.
Diamond VT has been designed to ensure that it meets and exceeds the most demanding backup applications and provides the highest level of data availability as dictated by Enterprise IT environments.
Arkeia's easy-to-use and intuitive interface allows administrators to develop a backup strategy that protects information without interruption.
In off-site vaulting of data, backup media is protected in a remote, secure location.
The only way to be certain that a backup procedure worked properly is to perform tests on a regular basis.
Backup systems that are not ILM-aware will continue to store backed up files on tape or secondary disk regardless of the data having already been archived elsewhere.
Arkeia is one of the leading backup solutions for MySQL databases," stated Bertrand Matthelie, director of alliances at MySQL AB.
To deal with the ever increasing complexity of today's datacenters, backup software products and application vendors have also created a bevy of special purpose agents to handle different scenarios.
When needed, users restore their system to a selected, saved incremental backup point that is more recent than any external backup, and which recovers everything on the system.