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The utility line presents Handy Backup Standard (general PC backup options), Professional (advanced features for backing up PCs), Full (ultimate backup functionality for small networks), Handy Backup Server (complete local and network backup functionality for enterprises), and Handy Backup for Android (one-button backup for Android mobile devices).
The Barracuda Backup user interface makes it easy to manage and back up data on the Barracuda Backup Server and to schedule reoccurring offsite data backups in the cloud.
Vendors are starting to introduce libraries that use inexpensive ATA disks with a virtualization engine front end, which emulates a tape library to the backup software running on the backup server.
The backup server then mounts the snapshots and copies them over the SAN to tape devices.
As with a cold backup, the snapshot can be mounted to the application server or backup server and backed up.
Backup and restore tools are typically unique to each environment, so you end up with multiple backup server licenses for each local and remote backup server.
Once the client servers complete their data backups, the backup server can fetch the data directly from the appliance's logical volume and place it on tape or an archival media such as WORM or optical drives.
The software also operates the backup server as a service that can easily add, remove or modify backup users; create user data CDs; enforce storage quota limits; support multiple user authentication techniques; eliminate redundant files and configure instant error/warning notifications.
By inserting an NSS Platform to re-host the application servers' storage volume, an instant snapshot capability can create a copy volume that can be backed up offline by a separate backup server.