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I am working hard to see we will all be a backward community.
There will be no prizes for guessing that the amount will keep on increasing year after year and that being a part of the "creamy layer" will be an ever-receding goal for the backward castes.
BJP is not in favour of any reconsideration of reservation being extended to SCs, STs, backward and extremely backward castes.
However, note that uniform forward continuity and uniform backward continuity are the same.
Mandal Commission, the Second Commission for Backward Classes, in its Report submitted in December 1980, estimated OBCs as 52% of the total population.
Following the pre-test, participants completed 3 weeks of supervised backward walking on a treadmill for 15 min/day, 3 days/week, freely controlling walking velocity.
The forward component of the GRF increases the forward velocity of the COM and also creates a backward moment about the COM to neutralize the forward momentum.
Then right after the Berlin Wall fell, I had occasion to visit the State Department and noticed everyone there turning three times to the left and falling over backward.
However, others note evidence that backward design encounters difficulties in dealing with issues of validity and reliability (Terwilliger, 1997).
The Tandberg 420LTO is the first generation of Tandberg Data's planned five-generation roadmap of low-cost half-height LTO technology offering users backward compatibility and scalability up to 3.
In a lone sculpture, The Devil Made Me Do It, 2003, a stereo plays a vinyl record of backward versions of songs deemed dangerous by crusading censors like Tipper Gore: the Beatles' "Blue Jay Way," Judas Priest's "Better By You Better Than Me," etc.