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The evidence on positive FDI productivity spillovers on forwardly and backwardly linked industries is somewhat more convincing than for the horizontal effects.
HD-DVD is the official successor to DVD, which could mean consumers will trust it more ( discs are quicker and cheaper to manufacture for HD-DVD, and unlike Blu-Ray, are all backwardly compatible with current CDs and DVDs (although most Blu-Ray players will be backwardly compatible too).
The title RetroPsychoKinesis suggests a backwardly oriented causation, that is, an influence of events in the past from the future.
The launch also includes backwardly compatible GR64 as a high performance upgrade for those applications already using Sony Ericsson's current generation of GSM/GPRS devices, the company said.
New software applications, such as accounting, backup, firewall, mail server or anti-virus protection may not be backwardly compatible with NT Server.
While adjusting the USD AT&L passive RFID policy, the DoD could modify USD AT&L's active RFID strategy by requesting that suppliers provide enhanced and backwardly compatible active RFID tags for assessment in 2005.
They observe that the state is backwardly killing people in order to teach others not to kill.
In most cases the crown is relatively low and the ridges converge at a slightly higher point that might be placed in the centre on the crown or backwardly (P1.
Von Meyenburg described his new invention this way: "The power of earth cutting by edge tools depending mainly upon the sharpness, section and surface of the tools and their free cutting, I make them of small section and surface, preferably self-sharpening, elastic and independent; so that each edge, also rotated mainly in a circle, may give way laterally and backwardly, like the claws of a scraping animal, and follow the way of least resistance upon a trembling or shivery curve.
It was designed to be backwardly compatible with C (such that all C programs would also be C++ programs and could be compiled with a C++ compiler).
All the versions until now have been backwardly compatible, meaning that programs written in older versions of the language will continue to work with the current one.
The range is completely backwardly compatible with the previous FBII family.