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He also said that vigilance on the part of citizens, intellectuals and media can act as the biggest deterrent to the forces of darkness and backwardness.
He said the district government is committed to remove the backwardness and deprivations of villagers by providing them with all sorts of basic facilities of their doorsteps.
The Centre took into consideration educational backwardness, which cannot be criteria," it said.
Rizal engrossed himself in scientific research and found documentary evidence that bolstered his thesis: the purported indolence of the Filipino was not the cause of the country's backwardness, but its undeniable effect or consequence.
For Du Bois, the two greatest obstacles to achieving these goals were racial prejudice of whites and the cultural backwardness of the Blacks.
Seeking military-based solution has been left in the past and it is backwardness.
I think that numerous futile wars are one of the main factors in the backwardness, because many of these wars were unreasonable and occurred only be cause of the will of the rulers of the time," he said.
Usually children with scholastic backwardness will be first noticed by teachers and parents at 4th or 5th standards.
The 1962 revolution aimed to uproot tyranny, inequality and backwardness, but unfortunately nothing changed," Al-Swadi said.
It's being given on the basis of a community's backwardness or disadvantaged status.
PDM expressed total solidarity with all the students and staff of this university and reaffirmed commitment to the inviolability of the university that must remain apart from any kind of violence and be preserved against extremism and backwardness.
The Supreme Leader said that the scientific movement is a need to make good on backwardness Iran suffered owing to dominance of dictatorial and puppet regimes in Iran from Qajarid era until victory of the Islamic Revolution.