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Caste, though a prominent factor, cannot be the sole factor of determining the backwardness of a class, the court said, while referring the historic judgment rendered by a implementation recommendations reservations.
Further, Du Bois believed that it is the job of Black leaders to combat these two obstacles by directing the masses to protest the prejudices keeping them out of national life, in order to change the social environment of the nation by staging a two-pronged attack on prejudice and backwardness.
It is contest between secularism which is one of the most crucial aspects in laying the foundation of our nation, and communalism which leads to backwardness," she said.
Seeking military-based solution has been left in the past and it is backwardness.
I think that numerous futile wars are one of the main factors in the backwardness, because many of these wars were unreasonable and occurred only be cause of the will of the rulers of the time," he said.
The 1962 revolution aimed to uproot tyranny, inequality and backwardness, but unfortunately nothing changed," Al-Swadi said.
Ayatollah Khamenei said that Iranian nation has been kept away from scientific progress in the past one hundred years and though the situation has changed after victory of the Islamic Revolution, and Iran is currently passing through glorious period, but, there is still a long way ahead to make good on backwardness.
The paper noted that Taliban and its extremist wing are planning to topple the government in Pakistan, but it will be an impossible task for them to attain that goal because a large number of Pakistanis will never accept reverting to the ages of backwardness and darkness.
He concludes that the whole backwardness of this society has again become evident.
It's a reflection of the brutality and backwardness of the enemy we're dealing with here," Pentagon spokesperson Bryan Whitman said.
Why this backwardness in such institutions is so marked I don't quite know.