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It's now being speculated that backwards compatibility may be one of the new features of the PS5.
Washington DC [United States], Jan 12 ( ANI ): United States President Donald Trump on Friday went on a Twitter spree, expressing his apparent displeasure with the bipartisan DACA agreement branding it as "a big step backwards.
It's unlikely you'll see your bank manager working a backwards shirt any time soon, but 2017's take on this wardrobe stalwart means there are now plenty of ways to be fashion-forward with a hint of formality.
MULTI-STOREY PARKING VW rolled backwards on to Fiat
All those times you have had your hands full and the dog is in the doorway, refusing to move, become a distant memory when you can give a simple cue word and get him running backwards.
They then later posted a photo of the lorry travelling backwards, saying: "It happens all the time, they never learn.
Continue reading "David Miliband says little brother Ed ran a backwards campaign as Labour Party leader" at.
Notts Co 1 Walsall 5 NOTTS COUNTY boss Shaun Derry admitted his side took a huge backwards step in his reign after they were thrashed.
Sir Peter said: "One of the dangers is that as a result of that particular incident, albeit a very serious incident, that we could rush into the use of this technology and once we've got it, it would be very hard to go backwards.
FIREFIGHTERS have put out a warning not to park cars on slippery slopes after a woman became trapped under a car when her BMW rolled backwards.
Allen successfully completed 93% of his passes against Sunderland, pointed out Shearer, but over a quarter of them went backwards - then he duly highlighted a number of incidents when Allen might have attempted a more ambitious, penetrating pass, but opted for the safer option.
RESEARCHERS at a South Wales university have discovered the best way for people with problem knees to keep fit - running backwards.