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In order to evaluate the performance of the filters in backwash processes subsequent to the first one, the filtering procedures were repeated twice more, on days following the trials, called filtration cycles (C1-1st day of trial, C2-2nd day of trial and C3-3rd day of trial).
Third, pool operators were asked to estimate the number of swimmers in the past week and number of days since last filter backwash; however, the data were deemed unreliable and thus could not be used to characterize the relationship between either of these factors and the detection of microbes in filter backwash samples.
This study is limited by having a small sample size, by being a convenience sample, and by using backwash collected from pools with a single filter medium (i.
This is a necessary feature to allow the system to fit an effluent plant operating on a continuous flow basis (with only minutes required for a complete backwash cycle, only a small holding tank is required for recirculation).
Once you've confirmed that the vessel is leaking and the answer isn't as easy as a cracked skimmer or fixing a backwash seal, you'll need to call in a leak expert.
The first of the units has been in operation for two years and has not required any maintenance attention other than normal daily checklist monitoring of the system's controller, which displays the number of backwash cycles performed.
Most people call that backwash undertow, but that's actually incorrect.
Not every shape orients and slides stably in backwash.
The backwash of stomach contents, known as reflux, irritates the lining of esophagus and causes heartburn.
Lost in the media backwash over the FBI's stakeout of the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) were several incidents showing bureau officials ready and willing to photocopy and pass along unsolicited rightwing manuscripts.