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Activated carbon unit backwash should be performed at a face velocity of about 1 1/2 times the operating face velocity.
The first of the units has been in operation for two years and has not required any maintenance attention other than normal daily checklist monitoring of the system's controller, which displays the number of backwash cycles performed.
Most people call that backwash undertow, but that's actually incorrect.
When savage storms swept into Hilo Bay in 1946 and 1960, 30-foot waves and their merciless backwash flattened buildings, tossed cars around like bathtub toys and killed 157 people.
The number of parts has also been reduced, including a simplified single conveyor system for less coolant loss and an enhanced self-cleaning backwash filter system.
Operating under a programmable logic controller, the filtration process is continuous, and used backwash liquid can be recycled or diverted to waste.
Ms Hewitt, who has been putting strong pressure on US officials in recent weeks, said UK industry should not be "swamped" by any backwash from restricted steel imports.
Backwash your filter only as often as necessary, and be kind to your pump and heater--practicing preventive maintenance maximizes efficiency.
Systems from Starlinger (Austria) include conveyor, shredder/densifier, extruder, double backwash filter, pelletizing head, vibration screen, drying centrifuge, and cyclone.
BOAT firm owner Earle Wightman has been hit by the backwash from the G8 Summit.
In 1994 these towns should experience a backwash of tenants willing to make deals because they are unable to find space in the tight northern Route 287 and 78 area.