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Work is expected to begin in January and will include sediment removal, placement of earthen fill between the two backwater areas and construction of a rock revetment to protect the site from river channel erosion.
Sue Dray I never had any intention of returning to Wales as it has been seen as a backwater by all political parties since the days of Margaret Thatcher.
Early morning walks, bird-watching and cruises on the backwater are all part of your itinerary while anything that is rushed or noisy is shunned away.
What's striking about Backwater is its elevation shifts, where you have open fields to face-off with opponents, but also high ground and rice paddies that can turn the battle into a duel of strategies, wits and tactics.
14, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Romania's government faces policy choices that could set it on a course to western-style prosperity or relegate it to the status of an impoverished backwater in thrall to Vladimir Putin's Russia, according to a report released today by the Democracy Institute.
A team of UNWTO officials, who recently visited backwater resort Kumarakom in Kottayam district, have shown keen interest to implement the model at the international level, tourism department sources here said.
Handy, especially when navigating deeper water or trying to handle tight turns on the way to a shallow backwater.
There were tourists with big disappointed faces wandering around wondering what sort of backward backwater they had stumbled upon.
Local residents and volunteers helping create and manage multiple backwater ponds for the river that will provide storage for water when river levels rise.
The Living Waterways project - a link-up between the Environment Agency and Durham Wildlife Trust - has been granted pounds 19,000 funding to create a backwater pond on the River Don in West Boldon.
Let''s hope other cruise lines don''t follow suit and we end up the shipping backwater we were pre-1715.
If anyone has information about existence of backwater in any area of the country then they must share with interior ministry", he said this while speaking in the national assembly on call attention notices submitted by Parliamentarians including Ch.