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The same authors reported in subsequent studies that bacteria type, incubation time, and IOL design influenced bacterial adhesion, but determined that the most important factor was lens material, and especially its hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity.
Ozkan, "Effect of different finishing techniques for restorative materials on surface roughness and bacterial adhesion," The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, vol.
Studies concerning the mechanisms of bacterial adhesion, leading to an understanding of how to avoid this drawback, are constantly being updated.
It's only in the past dozen or so years, however, that scientists have come to a better understanding of how cranberry products work to combat bacterial adhesion, reduce oxidant stress, and fight inflammation.
This suggests that increasing levels of silver in Ag-TiCN thin films may promote bacterial adhesion via a hydrophobic effect.
Study of bacterial adhesion in plant tissue under compound light microscope: To study plant tissue changes in the stems of inoculated pathumma plants, the wilted plants were removed from the pots after inoculation for 7-10 days.
Exopolysaccharides are also involved in bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation (Ryu and Beuchat, 2005).
While the mechanisms of action of cranberry products on bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation are not fully understood.
Bacterial adhesion on commercially pure titanium and zirconium oxidedisks: an in vivo human study.