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If you're a good player, or trying to be a good player, you can make bad calls.
Either Charles was badly advised or he's made another bad call himself.
The Somerset gaffer was raging at bad calls against his men in two recent games and has called for changes to the rules on appeals for yellow cards for diving.
Too many referees feel they are in a comfort zone, whereby they know they can make bad calls and get backed up by the FA.
But even the best of them make some bad calls now and then, as do the best investors.
We have been on the end of good and bad calls all season.
They've also endured their share of player-hating, bad calls, occasional boos from the stands, scary letters and phony e mails.
Other challenges include extensive travel, long work days and taking the heat for making bad calls.
A month's worth of hindsight gave local journalistic and political minds enough digestive fortitude to revisit the calamity -- from bad calls to bad manners to bad makeup and hair.