bad character

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Brocklehurst I had a bad character, a deceitful disposition; and I'll let everybody at Lowood know what you are, and what you have done.
Colonel," said Smilash, deeply impressed, "you have a penetrating mind, and you know a bad character at sight.
There's no temptation there, sir--no drink--no young women--no bad characters of any sort--nothing but imagination.
It's thought a pretty view by moonlight; and they tell me it's no longer beset at night by bad characters, as it used to be in the old time.
Arthur Gride, venturing to regard his visitor more attentively, and perceiving that he was a young man of good mien and bearing, returned to his seat, and muttering that there were bad characters about, and that this, with former attempts upon his house, had made him nervous, requested his visitor to sit down.
Kapoor has been asked a zillion times if A Bad Character was a page from her life -- the college girl falling in love with an irresistible drug addict who introduces her to dargahs , gardens, cafes and shady streets of Delhi; the never-ending herd of NRIs who would meet her in search of a good bride; the shocking evening where the boyfriend hits her black and blue and after a painful breakup (seemingly) commits suicide, not to forget the girl who ends up sniffing cocaine and hooking up with businessmen to set her career.
His recorded previous violent history and record of bad character has not fully been taken into account, neither have the shattered lives of Andy's family and partner.
Working principle: The algorithm uses two preprocessing functions: one for BM good suffix method and second for Berry-Ravindran bad character method.
However he advised the jury the bad character of all the prisoners should be taken into consideration.
It was aggravated by his bad character but there is another side to Mr Miller - he has a gentleness helping his disabled mother who is reliant on his care.
Currently there is a legal presumption that a retailer who submits an application for an off-licence will be successful unless he or she is of demonstrable previous bad character.
This is due to the recognition that it would be unfair to allow the accused to testify that he would never commit a particular act due to his good character, while preventing the Crown from presenting evidence of bad character.