bad check

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If not resolved quickly, try using bad check precedent with the customer and "send a Notice of Dishonor saying they need to make good," said Nick Krawec, Esq.
Between March 11 and March 30, the Houses have written nearly $13,500 in bad checks at such locations as Cabela's, Safeway and Bi-Mart.
According to the lawsuit, NCG entered into arrangements with prosecutors and merchants to administer a bad check diversion program whereby merchants would send bounced check allegations directly to NCG.
Three of them involve writing bad checks 6 the larges for $2,424, (http://www.
How to Collect on Bad Checks and Avoid Receiving Them in the First Place
It is expected that the arrest order for those responsible for the checks will be issued Wednesday morning in line with a recent Cabinet ruling that calls for the detention of those writing bad checks.
Since an estimated 80% of all e-check returns require an image for full recovery, check imaging cuts the risk of ECC by reducing bad checks and associated losses.
Wirs was later convicted of passing a bad check for that charter flight.
If, for example, a firm's bad check losses are less than .
A 40-year-old Ellis Grove woman has been arrested on allegations of passing bad checks at several area businesses.
The county check enforcement program has helped get more than $250,000 in restitution in bad check cases since 2004, District Attorney Alex Gardner said.