bad feeling

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So, from the very beginning, he bred bad feeling in the house; and at Mrs.
As to the fact of my brother assuming towards me the bearing of a proud, harsh master, the fault is his, not mine; and shall his injustice, his bad feeling, turn me at once aside from the path I have chosen?
I wanted to let you know that Tom and I can't do as we like about such things, and that if I behave as if I had forgotten all about you, it is not out of envy or pride--or--or any bad feeling.
His good and her bad feelings yielded to love, and such love must unite them.
In such cases my interference was giving you two bad feelings instead of one.
I half believed her; for I felt indeed only bad feelings surging in my breast.
He said: "Ronny will have a bad feeling about this.
HAVING monitored all the bad feeling from the tax paying public with Coventry council's decision to close the main swimming baths (also the one at Livingstone Road) I get a distinct feeling of mistrust arising from the gures Coun Maton is producing as to the running costs of Fairfax Street.
Germany went on to win that semifinal, but the bad feeling over the incident went a long way to explaining why Italy enjoyed so much popular support when they beat the Germans in the final.
DOES Alex Gerrard have a bad feeling about Brazil, or is she just not keen on four weeks of extra footy in the summer?
I take the pizza and I tell them: 'I've got a bad feeling about this.
Insiders say the bad feeling resulted in club staff locking away their equipment, including treatment tables, before the arrival of the London Organising Committee.