bad feeling

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So, from the very beginning, he bred bad feeling in the house; and at Mrs.
As to the fact of my brother assuming towards me the bearing of a proud, harsh master, the fault is his, not mine; and shall his injustice, his bad feeling, turn me at once aside from the path I have chosen?
Polly tried to conquer the bad feeling; but it worried her, till she remembered something her mother once said to her, "When you feel out of sorts, try to make some one else happy, and you will soon be so yourself."
I wanted to let you know that Tom and I can't do as we like about such things, and that if I behave as if I had forgotten all about you, it is not out of envy or pride--or--or any bad feeling."
His good and her bad feelings yielded to love, and such love must unite them.
In such cases my interference was giving you two bad feelings instead of one."
I half believed her; for I felt indeed only bad feelings surging in my breast.
I can't tell you how many women have said, "I have a self defense story," and the first sentence is, "I had a bad feeling."
Covering such diverse topics as learning how to grocery shop for foods that are safe for one's child, educating others about the allergies of one's child, teaching one's child to be responsible and above all safe (for example, teaching the child to immediately spit out any food that gives a bad feeling, or how to use injected medication to counter the potentially life-threatening allergy symptoms), common dilemmas, and much more, How To Manage Your Child's Life-Threatening Food Allergies combines experience, solid advice, anecdotes, and tested tactics into one no-nonsense package.
As soon as I get to the fence, though, I notice loose dirt, and I get a bad feeling. I dig into the dirt and feel a tiny foot the size of my thumb, so I dig like crazy and get the baby out in about three seconds.
Bad feeling at a Birmingham social club led to one of its members receiving a threatening and racially abusive letter, a court heard yesterday.
There remains considerable bad feeling in both the EU Council of Ministers and the European Commission over the continuing deadlock on the draft Directive for further postal liberalisation.