bad idea

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It ain't a bad idea, hidin' on a Rubberneck, though.
The church is always trying to get other people to reform; it might not be a bad idea to reform itself a little, by way of example.
Come, come," said La Ramee, "that's not a bad idea.
It's not a bad idea though," said the baron, feeling the edge of the weapon; "a man killing himself because he has too much money.
That's not a bad idea," said Monsieur Thuran, and then, turning to the third sailor, Wilson, he said: "Pass one of those tins aft, my good man.
Jarndyce asked him what he thought of the Army, Richard said he had thought of that, too, and it wasn't a bad idea.
The ultimate example of a seriously bad idea is the determination to declare government spending that helps the less fortunate a crucial cause of a country's economic problems
is is despite labelling the makeshift groups he creates the Bad Idea Band - a name that Rob insists is just a paradox to dispel the doubts of those taking part.
The event brought together three bands: BAD IDEA from Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, AURAL GAVAGE from Momenta Pharmaceuticals and MOLECULAR GROOVE from PerkinElmer.
Bad ideas first: Bad idea #1: Just don't worry about it It's not like Windows XP computers will magically stop working on April 9.
Global Banking News-February 24, 2014--Analysts say India's plan to convert banks into insurance brokers a bad idea
Titled Bad Ideas, the multipart work sat just a few feet away from a single, cartoonishly large Bad Idea.