bad intent

See: malice
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It is not always in a bad way, or with bad intent, but more in the spirit of calling attention and hoping something, gets done, usually by someone else.
They should be fair, and not tell a story with bad intent.
Federal rules, since 2015, have required a finding of bad intent before an adverse spoliation instruction may be given, the court said.
Saucier, though, tried to destroy evidence which is critical evidence of bad intent that investigators found lacking in the Clinton case.
Yet when they come from Donald Trump, perhaps unsurprisingly given some of his other public statements, they are seen exclusively as a sign of bad intent and ill will towards Africa.
Thus, if data is sold to a purchaser that has bad intent or if a data breach harms the speaker or the party mentioned in her dictation, this could trigger the unfair practice prong.
Comey based his decision not to prosecute on Clinton's lack of bad intent.
If this were a criminal case you would have to prove bad intent, the attempt to deliberately obstruct and impede the investigation.
Unlike trade-secret cases, bad intent or acts are not required to find liability in a patent suit.
What you (this writer) spoke about, is a complete different aspect of someone with bad intent, creating a program that creates handles on the fly and uses fake email IDs.
He emphasised that he taught the students in view of the whole class and the class was conducted with no bad intent and that no other student came up with any complaint.
But what should be a six-week bonding experience for the brothers and their tech-addicted cocampers becomes an impending encounter with the "melting man," a bomber with Joseph Stalin in his head, as he trucks their way with bad intent.