bad intention

See: malice
References in classic literature ?
Monseigneur calumniates him," said Gourville, laughing, "if he is come, it is not with a bad intention.
I had no definite purpose, no bad intention, but I felt myself held to the spot by an acute, though absurd, sense of opportunity.
The legislator said the citing of a wrong article indicated bad intention on the side of the executive in collaboration with speaker of the house to use wrong approach in order to rig parliamentary procedures.
The danger from traffic and any person who might have had a bad intention (towards the toddler) was obvious.
It resulted from a normal play and there was no bad intention, evil or recklessness from my part.
Any thought or idea that is mooted to weaken this unity shows the bad intention of those who wrote them," the mufti said, urging Saudis to stand united to protect their faith.
Though Ali appears to have no bad intention, authorities are crosschecking with Indian diplomats in Oman whether his claims are genuine and whether his son indeed worked in the police force there," the report added.
Al-Wazzan said Kuwait appreciated Japan's financial contributions for the multinational forces' campaign in 1990-1991 to drive out Iraqi troops, denying any bad intention on Kuwait's part to drop Japan from an advertised list of countries that sent troops to the Gulf.
LAHORE -- Punjab Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Rana Sanaullah Khan Wednesday said that there was no bad intention behind the operation at Tehreek Minhaj ul Quran Secretariat.
It could be wrong but there was no bad intention in it.
He said carrying this kind of weapons on roads or cars with a bad intention could be a crime especially if it is found in the possession of somebody roaming in midnight.
He pointed to the Gulf Cooperation Council's initiative as the last endeavor, which we have dealt with positively in spite of its ambiguous texts that could create another crisis when interpreted and bad intention of the JMP towards the initiative.