bad intention

See: malice
References in classic literature ?
Monseigneur calumniates him," said Gourville, laughing, "if he is come, it is not with a bad intention.
I had no definite purpose, no bad intention, but I felt myself held to the spot by an acute, though absurd, sense of opportunity.
He said he remembered those persons, but expressed the belief that they had not given the advice with any bad intention.
The US decision regarding Pakistan's inclusion in watch list was based on bad intention, he added.
Never with bad intention, only because the result wasn't good for us.
Talking to ANI, Sareen apologised for the photograph and said there was not any bad intention behind it.
But I had no such bad intention like abusing the child.
should instead study the ongoing violations by President Salva Kiir's government and respond to the "clear signs of bad intention by the government to repeat the December 2013 crisis.
The defendant did not have a bad intention when he kissed me on my lips.
Though Ali appears to have no bad intention, authorities are crosschecking with Indian diplomats in Oman whether his claims are genuine and whether his son indeed worked in the police force there," the report added.
The bad intention in issuing a bounced cheque is generally considered proven by the fact that the issuer was aware that at the date of issuance of the cheque, he/she had insufficient funds in his bank account.
He pointed to the Gulf Cooperation Council's initiative as the last endeavor, which we have dealt with positively in spite of its ambiguous texts that could create another crisis when interpreted and bad intention of the JMP towards the initiative.