bad job

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My motto is, leave me alone; I don't want anyone interfering with me; I'll make the best of a bad job, and the devil take the hindmost.
This is a bad job," said he at last, shaking his head.
If you have, and they catch you, it will be a bad job for you.
He did have this farm to show for his work--he had not made a bad job of that, he and his Rag-weed.
I know quite enough of myself,' said Bella, with a charming air of being inclined to give herself up as a bad job, 'and I don't improve upon acquaintance.
It's a bad job," said Wemmick, scratching his head, "and I assure you I haven't been so cut up for a long time.
I say, Master Oliver, we’d like to have had a bad job of that panther, or painter’s work— some calls it one, and some calls it t’other—but I know little of the beast, seeing that it is not of British growth.
It took some doing, but I flatter myself that it wasn't such a bad job when it was finished.
Getting as much as I could behind Ignosi's huge frame, I made the best of a bad job, and toddled along to be killed as though I liked it.
I had been sitting there all the afternoon and had caught literally nothing - except a few dozen dace and a score of jack; and I was just about giving it up as a bad job when I suddenly felt a rather smart pull at the line.
He had been squeezed out of a bad job into a good one.
On that the Secretary gave it up as a bad job, and simply bargained with him that if he missed the last train he should rejoin him at Halliday's Private Hotel; to which Drebber answered that he would be back on the platform before eleven, and made his way out of the station.