bad language

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He was one of the miserable little pretty white-handed, curly-headed boys, petted and pampered by some of the big fellows, who wrote their verses for them, taught them to drink and use bad language, and did all they could to spoil them for everything * in this world and the next.
An increasing cackle of complaints, orders, and jests, and what to a European would have been bad language, came from behind the curtains.
The old reprobate with the surplice burst into a volley of bad language.
I was brought up to be just like him, unable to control myself, and using bad language on the slightest provocation.
'When we speak like this, they said we are a dictator and use bad language. But I want to stress that I have never used bad language like the president of the Philippines.
A number of important issues were discussed: the causes of bad language, ways to combat bad language, self-control, and bad language, and its negative influence, first of all on young school generation.
Asif said that political parties need to promote tolerance and avoid the bad language against each other and they needs to get ready for the upcoming general election in 2018.
WHAT a pity that Jack Dromey has not got the vocabulary skills to avoid using bad language on afternoon TV.
SWEARING customers were turfed out of a pub by a man quoting a zero tolerance policy on bad language, regulars claim.
Fed up of swearing THE BBC, once the more cultured station, never allowed bad language but now many are on at an early hour containing obscene words.