bad language

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The old reprobate with the surplice burst into a volley of bad language.
YOU will have to pay 20s for this tomfoolery and wickedness," said the Stipendiary Magistrate at Cardiff Police court today to a man who used bad language to a telephone operator.
At half-time, because of the bad language emitting from my dad and uncle, my mother gave me the red card and banned ME from going back in for the second half.
I'd be very upset at bad language and I can't think what the sex references could be," he says.
It was stated that children collected, particularly on the dock line, and used bad language towards the conductors.
NOW that your correspondent Hazel Maiden has decided that bad language is acceptable in Mrs Brown's Boys because 'it's a joy to watch',' I suppose those of us who say no to the F-word might as well throw down our placards and disappear into the wilderness.
A spokeswoman for BBC Alba said: "In compliance with the rules set by Ofcom, where no programme that carries offensive language can be broadcast pre-watershed, BBC Alba had no choice but to defer broadcast of today's Ross County v St Mirren match until post-watershed due to bad language picked up from the crowds.
The deputies also said a deterrent penalty should be imposed on deputies using bad language.
Research carried out by ICM for consultancy Inspiring Business Confidence revealed bad language, bullying, lying and breaching confidentiality were all part of management tactics in the region.
In response to the letter 'Watch your words - shocked at regular use of foul language' (Oct 11), compared to many Western Countries, the bad language issue in the UAE is thankfully minimal.
IHAVE often thought that excessive use of bad language displays a lack of vocabulary.
The singer has sworn at previous shows on the sell-out tour, prompting a newspaper report earlier this week about his bad language and its unsuitability for a family audience.