bad language

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The old reprobate with the surplice burst into a volley of bad language.
I was brought up to be just like him, unable to control myself, and using bad language on the slightest provocation.
PICKING up bad language can easily happen with children under the age of four.
There is some bad language, and the stories require a greater attention span than your average junior high schooler possesses.
MPs are to question BBC chiefs about the barrage of bad language on the box.
Teaching unions say bad language is a growing problem in schools.
Stevie has been a member of NEBSA for many years and his performances are notable for being completely devoid of smut and bad language and yet he always leaves his audience in fits of laughter.
Happy Mania contains bad language, adult situations, near-nudity, and lots of sex.
The group have called on regulator Ofcom to introduce stricter guidelines on bad language and accused broadcasters of ignoring standards.
Last year 58 per cent said violence was the most worrying issue on TV, against 24 per cent citing bad language and 12 per cent who picked sex.
AN MP blasted TV chiefs yesterday for turning our airwaves into a "sewer" of bad language.