bad light

See: opprobrium
References in classic literature ?
Square himself was not unacquainted with the true impression which those several instances of goodness had made on the excellent heart of Allworthy; for the philosopher very well knew what virtue was, though he was not always perhaps steady in its pursuit; but as for Thwackum, from what reason I will not determine, no such thoughts ever entered into his head: he saw Jones in a bad light, and he imagined Allworthy saw him in the same, but that he was resolved, from pride and stubbornness of spirit, not to give up the boy whom he had once cherished; since by so doing, he must tacitly acknowledge that his former opinion of him had been wrong.
He had a couple of commissions for portraits and proposed to stay in London till the bad light drove him away.
It's a bad light to distinguish objects in,' murmured Mrs Nickleby, peering into the garden, 'and my eyes are not very good--I was short-sighted from a child--but, upon my word, I think there's another large vegetable marrow sticking, at this moment, on the broken glass bottles at the top of the wall
The day before, in the shipping office, what with the bad light and his excitement at this berth obtained as if by a brusque and unscrupulous miracle, did not count.
There's no getting your eye in; the next word may bowl you out; it's batting in a bad light all through.
Sunderland's reply to Gateshead Fell's 132 all out was stopped with the Wearsiders on 30-1, while bad light stopped play at Stockton with 80 overs having been played.
BAD LIGHT and a stubborn century from Yorkshire's Anthony McGrath denied Glamorgan victory on the final day of the Frizzell County Championship Division Two battle.
Alan Richardson bowled opener Darren Bicknell for 62 before Notts captain Jason Gallian and partner Will Smith accepted the bad light offer in the last action of the match.
NEW ZEALAND had claimed a first innings lead of 42 when bad light forced an early halt to the second day of the second Test against Sri Lanka in Wellington.
PLAY on the second day of Glamorgan's match with Nottinghamshire was abandoned at 5pm yesterday because of heavy rain and bad light at Sophia Gardens.
It wasn't necessarily a case of bad light that saw our wickets fall; great credit to Flintoff who took the ball and pounded in.
For Mayor Hahn, the situation allows him to place council members in a bad light with the public - while benefiting if it is approved by voters.