bad logic

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It would have seemed beforehand like a ridiculous piece of bad logic that he, with his unmixed resolutions of independence and his select purposes, would find himself at the very outset in the grasp of petty alternatives, each of which was repugnant to him.
Take a look at many of the tweets from the profs and you can see a wave of sophists pleading a case for bad logic, non-sequitur and special interest.
Also, and this might be bad logic, a look to the future suggested rebuying might be fairly futile.
Despite the bad logic in The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins rhetoric sways his readers, even strong Catholic ones, according to Hahn and Wiker.
In "Tying US Defense Spending to GDP: Bad Logic, Bad Policy" the author summarizes the arguments advanced by advocates of this strategy to conclude that although calculating defense spending according to GDP may resonate rhetorically and politically it should be rejected as a legitimate policy option.
Bryce methodically exposes the mistaken assumptions and bad logic in each of those ideas.
We couldn't say that some of what he said didn't make sense in terms of being bad logic expressed in sentences that didn't say anything.
Like Lol Dunn (August 7), AM Mitchell (August 12) uses bad logic and quasi-scientific evidence not available to me to try and discredit what DN Makepeace and myself have said about species controlling numbers of their respective predators.
I believe the opinions advocated in this article are very bad logic and might lead to a dangerous and grave consequence to the entire human society in respect to the ethical criteria now still widely accepted in international affairs.
But Burchill even hammered that in her vitriolic article, saying: "I can't help thinking that this is not just bad logic - who wants to think that eating chocolate will get them into such a state?