bad logic

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It would have seemed beforehand like a ridiculous piece of bad logic that he, with his unmixed resolutions of independence and his select purposes, would find himself at the very outset in the grasp of petty alternatives, each of which was repugnant to him.
Other factors are also at work: cognitive bias, sublimated rage, and just bad logic. Odder still: a significant percentage of Khan's detractors are part of the liberal commentariat and liberals defined loosely here as columnists and editors in the English press, political analysts and so on.
In addressing formulations and critiques of the field of world literature, Fisk concludes that "the best arguments on every side of this theoretical debate are degraded by the bad logic that links world literature to neoliberalism and academic capitalism" (183-84).
Take a look at many of the tweets from the profs and you can see a wave of sophists pleading a case for bad logic, non-sequitur and special interest.
Making the assumption that the correlation means video games cause aggression is bad thinking, bad logic and bad science.
Also, and this might be bad logic, a look to the future suggested rebuying might be fairly futile.
Despite the bad logic in The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins rhetoric sways his readers, even strong Catholic ones, according to Hahn and Wiker.
In "Tying US Defense Spending to GDP: Bad Logic, Bad Policy" the author summarizes the arguments advanced by advocates of this strategy to conclude that although calculating defense spending according to GDP may resonate rhetorically and politically it should be rejected as a legitimate policy option.
Here is a small example of this sloppy approach: at one stage, he disclaims full knowledge of Orwell's work, saying that it would be "hypocritical of me to claim that I have read everything [by Orwell]." But this is bad logic. It would certainly be dishonest of Runciman to claim a thoroughgoing knowledge of Orwell.
Bryce methodically exposes the mistaken assumptions and bad logic in each of those ideas.
We couldn't say that some of what he said didn't make sense in terms of being bad logic expressed in sentences that didn't say anything."
This strikes me as bad logic. If there were a united Northern Ireland, with "Unionists and Nationalists" working "side by side with respect for each other's traditions," the question of having a united Ireland would not arise.