bad manners

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I am a priest, so I consider it bad manners when I sneeze during the Eucharistic Prayer without a handkerchief.
VENUE The Avalon Hotel and Trojan Rooms PROBLEMS Buster Bloodvessel on the night IN ACTION Bad Manners were a popular ska band during the early 1980s when they had a number of chart hits
On the musical side, he took up the trumpet four years ago and was snapped up by Bad Manners after being overheard by one of the band's security officials.
It is bad manners for a couple to assume that all their friends have pots of money to spare and are willing to spend it on buying them things they don't need.
Michael Hill of Rock Garden Music said: "We have confirmed Bad Manners for a gig on October 19 with Buster Bloodvessel as front man.
WHEN watching the visit of Barack Obama and his wife to our Queen, you couldn't help but notice the lack of courtesy from the wife of the President, which to my mind is not excusable, as she put her arm on our Queen's shoulder, which is bad manners.
It is bad manners and dangerous when a driver pulls in, waves, then leaves again - or simply drives by us.
A whopping 63% of those working in the region claim to have fallen victim to colleagues' bad manners at work.
It would be the height of bad manners tow heel a pramin a person's house, God is no different.
5%) of those surveyed believe bad manners was the biggest problem in the country today.
THE demise of the family meal has produced a generation of children with bad manners, headteachers warned.
Every time I travel to our capital city I come across at least one example of downright bad manners - from taxi drivers, hotel clerks, railway workers, traffic wardens, shop assistants and bar staff.