bad match

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I couldn't, as your guardian, have consented to a bad match. But Casaubon stands well: his position is good.
A strappin' young carpenter as is a ready-made Methody, like Seth, wouldna be a bad match for her.
"My confidence isn't too bad because I just think I played a bad match at Queen's, most 19-year-olds play a bad match every now and again.
Haas was 42-46 last night, but don't forget the old saying that all champions have one bad match in the course of winning a Grand Slam title.
Farrell's only full-fledged star was New York City Ballet's Peter Boal, whose reserved ease wasn't a bad match for the feline glints in Goh's dancing.
ANDY MURRAY admitted he played a bad match as his US Open defence came to a sorry end with a straight-sets defeat by Stanislas Wawrinka in the quarter-finals.
"A year or two ago there would be a problem or I'd play a bad match and, rather than getting the issue sorted out, it would drag on for a little while and affect my practice.
"If you turn up and play a bad match, because of the depth you can lose."
After a bad match you must go right back to work and win."
Just because he's older doesn't mean he's a bad match. He's been married twice already but he may have learnt from previous mistakes.
"Obviously, I'm bitterly disappointed because I didn't play a bad match," she said.