bad name

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'His admitted conduct emerging from that press release and the affidavit stinks and the stench of such stinking conduct has the tendency to bring a bad name to the entire judiciary as an institution,' the judgement read.
'Such irresponsible attitude is not only fanning sectarianism but also giving a bad name to our country.'
However, it would bring a bad name to the judiciary if such a move was allowed now.
People like him bring a bad name to Islam," Das said.
Gulab Singh's social media posts had brought a bad name to the department, the spokesman explained.
American streamer "CJayride" was confronted by a foreigner who urged him to "don't give us a bad name" at Computex Taipei on June 7.
Minister Primary and Secondary Healthcare Khawaja Imran Nazir has asked doctors to identify black sheep in their ranks, who are bringing a bad name to the sacred profession.
The chief justice remarked, 'our heads hang in shame due to the scandal,' adding that those bringing a bad name to Pakistan will not be allowed to go scot-free.
As per details, SHC termed these punishments violations of basic human rights while stating that such verdicts are earning bad name for courts.
Pacquiao said anyone who is against President Rodrigo Duterte may file an impeachment against him in Congress but just don't give the Senate a bad name.
A GROUP of drivers at Teesside Park say a small minority of boy racers are giving them a bad name.
there were lot of fake lawyers who were earning bad name for the legal