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Some hoteliers are terrified of getting a single bad review on TripAdvisor.
After responding individually to each bad review, Ms Webb posted a status update on the page saying: "To all the friends of that spoiled d brat that didn't like being ID'd or my response to his whingey review, I must inform you that most people know you're faking it and I'm just desperately trying to ignore all the atrocious spelling and terrible grammar.
Bad review: Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, Simon Bird and James Buckley of The Inbetweeners THE INBETWEENERS REUNION FANS did not react well to this week's show which saw the cast members back together four years after Will, Jay, Neil and Simon were last seen together in the series' second film.
Marketing consultants, who help companies keep a positive image, say owners should never ignore a bad review, and instead use their best customer service skills to mitigate the damage.
IRONY from Brewdog, who if they get a bad review turn it into a teeshirt for staff to wear.
From making the most of the best review from the most authoritative source to knowing what to do if the review process goes awry, this outlines the entire process of media promotion in the course of explaining the difference between a good and bad review, how they can be effectively utilized, and what to avoid.
Seventy percent of potential customers check reviews first before they even consider making a purchase and a recent survey stated that one bad review can cost a business 30 new customers on average.
If there is just one bad review out of IOO, most likely that experience won't repeat itself or the review may not have been fair.
AN interesting news story this week was that of the Broadway Hotel in Blackpool who fined two guests PS100 for leaving a bad review on the Trip Advisor website.
When they queried the charge, they were said to have been told it was incurred under a "no bad review policy" included in the terms and conditions.
"For every bad review left on any website, the group organiser will be charged a maximum [pounds sterling]100 per review."