bad service and potential assault charges

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Country: Canada
State: Ontario

Please advise if my legal problem is a problem of a serious matter? Inthe summer I visited with my husband Tim Horton's coffee shop, where I ordered soup. We experienced a very bad service from one of the shop assistants. This young lady at first was ignoring our order and then when it came to service, instead of putting my order on the plastics trays, she was throwing everything there. As a result, I lost my appetite for the ordered soup and I moved my tray away, which dropped on the containers in front of the shop assistants. Now I am accused that I wanted to hurt the shop assistant, which I really had no intention doing. My husband was my only witness there in opose the young lady had many of her co-workers against me. It looks to me that is it a money matter, which is causing me a lot stress. I work myself in a customers service business and I had never had anything to do with law. Now I do not know what to do? How to find help?


If it was an accident you normally will not have any problem--if some damages were caused their insurer should cover it--or you may agree to a minor payment.
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