bad treatment

See: abuse, misusage
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You say I have been calumniating you--complaining of your low wages and bad treatment.
In the present volume he confines himself to a general account of the captain's bad treatment of the crew, and of his non-fulfilment of agreements.
He said that the Sudanese nationals are not targeted in Cairo and that there are no insults or bad treatment being directed against the Sudanese nationals in Egypt.
The memo pointed that bad treatment by police and national security has recently increased against Sudanese nationals, saying that conduct is unacceptable and inconsistent with the deep ties and agreements signed between the two nations particularly the four-freedoms agreement.
They also warned that they should be extra careful because, often, this type of conduct could result from bad treatment, or if the maid is deprived of her rights.
She left Jadis, complaining of bad treatment, then moved with the child to London.
It was followed by difficult work conditions, nature of work, weak incentives and bad treatment by superiors.
He expressed deep concern over bad treatment with party central secretary general Mian Iftikhar Hussain in Nowshera and also condemned masked armed men campaign against ANP in village Kalakhela in tehsil Gadezai and dragging party activist Sabir of Dokada and firing on him sever injuries to him and demanded of the district administration, police to take action against the miscreants present in the Pir Baba Elum Ghar and to protect precious lives and worthy properties of party activists in the district, he concluded otherwise party will compel to take steps for own protections.
Justice Jawwad S Khawaja had remarked, " Government should tell why bad treatment is being meted out to Urdu.
If you don't give it back, you get 100 per cent bad treatment.
Dubai Police echoed the comments and said that persistent bad treatment could lead to retaliation.
Drivers are also complaining about bad treatment of Iranian customs employees against Turkish citizens and excessive amounts of bribery on the opposite site of the border.