bad treatment

See: abuse, misusage
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Adam further said their comrades who have been moved the detention centre of the national security service to Omdurman prison, are very affected by the torture and bad treatment they received during the past six months.
Qatari regime has attempted to "falsely allege baseless information" about bad treatment of Qatari pilgrims during the Hajj by Saudi authorities, but the number of pilgrims proves their lies.
SANA reporter in Homs said that six families of those who had left in the framework of the reconciliation agreement and went to the camps of Jarabulus returned al-Waer neighborhood in the countryside of Homs fleeing the bad treatment they have been receiving at the camps there.
Khartoum, May 9(SUNA)-The National Union for Sudanese Youth and Embassy of Palestine to Sudan handed over , Tuesday , a memorandum of protest over bad treatment of the Palestinian prisoners in prisons in Israel to UN Representative in Sudan and the UN official committed to convey the memorandum to the UN Headquarters in New York.
The rapper says the bad treatment Weezy has been receiving has been going on for so long that fans now accept it as normal behavior.
Abdullah Khan asked and appealed to provincial education minister and other relevant high-ups to take stern action against the school teacher Syed Zaman so that such kind of cruelties and bad treatment by teachers with their students could be stopped in the future.
She escaped because of bad treatment from her family.
Banks that enjoy a monopoly are especially being scrutinised for their bad treatment of customers.
The bad treatment of the children, he said, was due to financial issues.
The victim was forced to tolerate the defendant's bad treatment because she needed the money," she added.
The court heard that among a catalogue of examples of bad treatment, the boys were: | Denied access to the toilet then forced to take freezing showers when they wet the bed; | beaten, smacked and called humiliating names, and | deprived of food as a punishment.
He said: "I tried to run away because of the bad treatment and stuff.