bad treatment

See: abuse, misusage
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You say I have been calumniating you--complaining of your low wages and bad treatment. Give your grounds for these assertions."
There stood on this two or three lustre plates, much broken but rich in colour; and on the walls were old masters of the Spanish school in beautiful though dilapidated frames: though gruesome in subject, ruined by age and bad treatment, and second-rate in their conception, they had a glow of passion.
In the present volume he confines himself to a general account of the captain's bad treatment of the crew, and of his non-fulfilment of agreements.
Mr Alyani criticised the Indian government for its bad treatment of minorities in the country, saying that minority communities in India were facing a number of difficulties.
They also seek venues not subject to charges for bad treatment of fans, finals given to cities with top transport links and sufficient hotel capacity and host countries that abide by a human-rights and equality policy.
She added that children with autism are able to live normally, as the student who graduated first in high school this year is autistic, saying "there are also scientists and celebrities who were autistic but managed to overcome the disease thanks to the constant support of their families." Sheikh warned that people with autism can hurt themselves and others in case of bad treatment.
'We are currently experiencing 'skill and brain drain' phenomenon because of this bad treatment of our construction workers,' Mendoza said.
But, it seems that these markets are experiencing poor and bad treatment of many animals, especially birds, as the keeping places and cages became old and worn out, lacking the most basic of hygiene, not to mention the accumulation of animals, which causes the spread of diseases.
Salonga added that zero kindness, bad treatment of service staff and arrogance, among others, take a way from a man's handsomeness.
"We increased our efforts in raising awareness among the public about the negative results on children due to physical abuse and bad treatment," Al Razouqi added.
During the meeting, Afridi raised the issue of Pakistani prisoners languishing in Saudi jails and told the IIUI president, who is a Saudi national and is a nominee of Saudi Arabia, to convey his reservations to the Saudi government about the bad treatment meted out to Pakistani prisoners there.
David Clark, Perth READING that RBS have basically got away with their bad treatment of small businesses.