bad turn

See: disservice
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There was a party on Friday night for everyone who used to work there and there must have been 80 or 90 people who turned up so it wasn't a bad turn out.
Outside matters took a bad turn when Horton, of Cardiff Road, Aberdare, punched Mr Walker twice.
Local jewellers say that business is definitely taking a bad turn with people now more interested in selling their gold rather than buying.
She has a bad turn in her right eye and would sometimes wear glasses.
It was just lucky that she didn't take a bad turn while he was away.
He said: "Despite the weather taking a bad turn he showed immense support for all the volunteers.
Sidibe is Precious, whose life is just one bad turn after another but she strives against the odds to survive.
WHEN Gordon Brown took over as Prime Minister he could not have expected things to take such a bad turn.
Holly Cartwriffht, former Civil Defence instructor, said today: " Satan came to do us a bad turn, but over the years he has done us a few good ones.
It was his fastest mark of the season, but Bishop said it was one of his worst races, citing a poor start and a bad turn.
We began in person in the cafe, but then things took a bad turn and we had to complete the interview over e-mail.
His father forces him to quit the team, and his relationship with his parent takes a very bad turn for the worse.