bad wishes

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Speaking to Sudan Tribune on phone, Dak said such media reports that many top generals refused to attend the conference under the leadership of Machar were merely bad wishes.
Lahore -- Senior officers of Datta Durbar Hospital have initiated campaign against Medical Superintendent for creating hurdles in filling their bad wishes.
Bad wishes tainted by the Kybosh must be stopped and Evangeline has an instinctive knack for spotting problems.
A flickering flame may be burning off the bad wishes of others, or there may be spirits present.
Or else, the bad wishes of the people across the country can do anything to anyone," he said.
Come to think of it they don't need my bad wishes as they have enough gobs***s within their own ranks to ensure they get it wrong.
200 YEARS AGO: John Shelton, having quitted the Timber Company three months ago, is much surprised to read their advertisement in last Monday's paper - he has only to observe, his character is above their bad wishes, and it will easily be perceived by any impartial man that prejudice and ill nature, without any principle of honour, has been their only guide.
I have been through hell and back and nothing, not even my mother's bad wishes, will upset my day.
Conflict occurs between a mother and daughter in Dinah's Mad, Bad Wishes (Joosse, 1989) when the daughter, Dinah, paints on the wall.