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BADGE. A mark or sign worn by some persons, or placed upon certain things for the purpose of designation. Some public officers, as watchmen, policemen, and the like, are required to wear badges that they may be readily known. It is used figuratively when we say, possession of personal property by the seller, is. a badge of fraud.

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Over 26,000 blue 'Please Offer Me a Seat' badges and complimentary cards have been issued to disabled passengers and those with invisible conditions, a year since the new scheme was announced.
They then receive an additional badge reflecting the experience that is endorsed by the business and can be added to a resume.
Catterson also serves as the project manager who reviews badge proposals for sufficient rigor and ensures that the skills are tied meaningfully to relevant curricular concepts.
The car is finished in Black Badge Black, with the interior in Black and Cobalto Blue contrast leather and the facia in aerospace-grade aluminium-threaded carbon fibre composite surfacing.
Robert Pandis has produced a variety of excellent works on early flight badges ranging from his first book covering the United States Army Air Service Aviator Wings to the more recent work, Flight Badges of the Allied Nations.
Calderdale Council's head of customer services Zohrah Zancudi said: "In addition to the amnesty, we held an action day, during which four cases of blue badge misuse were discovered in Halifax town centre.
These unregulated websites claim to offer badge applicants and people renewing their badges a quick and easy service for at least PS49 per application.
A spokesperson from disability charity Scope says: "We hope that this staggering rise in prosecutions is because the council is getting better at tackling abuse of the blue badge system.
And you can post a digital badge on LinkedIn using a procedure discussed in LinkedIn's Help section.
We would expect the decisions to be made in our [office of inspector general] to be cost-effective and be cognizant that every dollar we spend is a taxpayer dollar," Goodman said of the badge purchases.
If all the disabled bays are occupied by able-bodied people who are either lazy or avoiding paying parking fees, genuinely disabled blue badge owners are prevented from accessing a venue.
Last year's article outlined the history of the badge movement and its connections to a variety of educational initiatives massive open online courses (MOOCs).