badge of office

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A carload of drovers, too, in the midst, on a level with their droves now, their vocation gone, but still clinging to their useless sticks as their badge of office.
They are ignorant of the consequences of the murder; they see neither the police commissary with his badge of office, nor the corporal with his four men; and so the poor fools believe that the whole thing is as easy as lying.
Benjamin Fordham, 24, broke a ceremonial badge of office, which cost PS990 to repair, during a scuffle.
During the Closing Ceremony, 2016-2017 IMA Chair Marc Palker passed the Presidential Badge of Office to Eng, who said, "I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead as we finish the last year of the first century of this great organization, with the tradition of competency, credentials, and lifelong networking.
The fashion doubtless harks back to the days when primitive man carried a stave with which to defend himself, while those in authority such as tribal chiefs or elders inherited an elaborately carved example that served as his badge of office.
The tiny lot, which was part of a collection belonging to a Viscount, drew interest from across the globe, and was believed to be an 18th-century Lhasa work badge of office for a Tibetan government official.
Tarr, R-Gloucester, and presented him with his badge of office.
Mr Ridgway received his badge of office from retiring President Simon Pollard at the MTA's Annual General Meeting on 5 December.
It was considered more a badge of office and a means of executing enemies of the state than as an emergency tool.
Nathan Nolan, from Toxteth, was given his Badge of Office and Certificate of Appointment as Lord Lieutenant's Cadet for 2012/13.
I am now SPE's Past President, and at the May 1 banquet at ANTEC, I had the pleasure of handing the badge of office to Russell Broome.
de Calcina-Goff--now President--has generously designed and arranged the production of a die for the President's badge of office that can be used to make badges for future Presidents of the SEE.