badge of office

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A carload of drovers, too, in the midst, on a level with their droves now, their vocation gone, but still clinging to their useless sticks as their badge of office.
Emyr (left) hands over |the badge of office to new FUW president Glyn Roberts.
After presenting Abbie's badge of office, North Tyneside's elected mayor Norma Redfearn said: "Congratulations to all the candidates who stood in this year's election - you they were all very worthy winners.
Again, not quite as good as being quite a lot ill, I'll grant you, because being quite a lot ill, especially in term-time, was quite the badge of office.
Tarr, R-Gloucester, and presented him with his badge of office.
He was handed a badge of office and signed a formal Young Mayor's declaration at the council chamber at Cobalt Business Park.
Nathan Nolan, from Toxteth, was given his Badge of Office and Certificate of Appointment as Lord Lieutenant's Cadet for 2012/13.
I am now SPE's Past President, and at the May 1 banquet at ANTEC, I had the pleasure of handing the badge of office to Russell Broome.
2 Club, presents new chairman Roy Fenner with his badge of office
Tatlock will take up the first part of his office at the annual meeting next month, when he becomes new president Kaye's right-hand man as President-Elect, before wearing the full badge of office in March 2012.
Gareth Edwards with the civil court verdict A DISPUTE over a missing badge of office has ended with a judge dismissing a claim for its return or replacement.
I am very proud to wear this Badge of Office which celebrates the continuing design and manufacturing skills of the Birmingham Jewellery industry as well as marking a significant point in the long history of The Birmingham Assay Office.