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Since badgers became protected in 1992, their numbers have increased at least tenfold, and in our shrinking countryside this has forced them to live a lifestyle to which they are not well suited.
Badger baiting is extremely cruel and it is common for the beasts to suffer appalling injuries before they are killed.
Since the badger cull was first introduced in 2013, more than 65,000 badgers have been killed, costing the government about PS40m.
The badger is a bearlike, stocky little animal about three feet long.
According to National Wildlife Crime Unit badger baiting involves dogs wearing radio collars being sent below ground into a badger sett.
The organizational culture of Badger Truck Center will feed into the Chevrolet Buick division.
During the winter, badger home ranges and activities are more contracted.
The Badger Trust slammed it as the "largest destruction of a protected species in living memory".
I was appalled to read the Tories are extending the badger cull, possibly leading to the death of 40,000 animals.
To most people, the badger is a harmless, curmudgeonly animal, remembered from books such as Kenneth Grahame's "Wind in the Willows" as an avuncular, wise old creature which all the residents of the 'wild wood' could trust and respect.
Jordan Houlston, 24, of Alexandra Road, Llandudno, was convicted by a district judge at the town's court of ill-treating a badger, and unnecessary suffering by causing a badger to fight with dogs at Cwm Bowydd Farm, Blaenau Ffestiniog, last February.