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Badger shook her head, sighed, and looked in the glass.
Badger signified to us that she had never madly loved but once and that the object of that wild affection, never to be recalled in its fresh enthusiasm, was Captain Swosser.
Rosie Wood's response to my letter neatly illustrates the gulf between the two sides in the long running badgers and TB debate.
Badgers and their setts are fully protected by the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and anyone who takes, kills or injures a badger or who interferes with its sett can be sent to prison or fined.
BADGERS are 51 times more likely to be killed than vaccinated against bovine TB, following the relaunch of a government scheme to tackle the disease.
In o pari comparison, 32,601 badgers were slaughtered the same year - the highest number on record, and 51 times as many as were vaccinated.
Dominic Dyer, CEO of the Badger Trust, said: "Badger vaccination is scientifically proven means of lowering the risk of TB infection in disease free badgers and their newborn cubs, by around 70%.
Like bears, badgers are carnivores, or meat eaters.
ALTHOUGH I sympathise with the people who have badgers damaging their gardens, the problem is probably brought on by man himself.
THE number of crimes against badgers has risen for the second year in a row, with experts warning that the animals are being "demonised".
The American badger (Taxidea taxus) is one of the largest members of the weasel family (Mustelidae) in North America, second only to the wolverine, and it's one of nine species of badgers found worldwide.
One of Britain's oldest native species, badgers divide opinion.