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Blessed, who starred in the 1980 film Flash Gordon which had a soundtrack by Queen, said: "Brian May is absolutely inspirational and together we will beat the dark forces and save the badgers.
Summary: A badger flash mob targeted Defra in protest against badger culling to a soundtrack by Brian May who supports the cause.
It claims to want the creation of a healthy, balanced badger population - by using carbon monoxide to kill diseased badgers.
Although badger fighting - traditionally pitting badgers against each another in a pit - was outlawed in the UK in 1835, people have found new ways to engineer the bloody sport.
At dusk, just as it's getting dark, badgers emerge from their underground homes to spend the night foraging for food.
The possibility was raised amid fears badgers could be responsible for spreading tuberculosis (TB) among cattle.
But in recent years, concern that badgers may spread bovine tuberculosis has led some of the more ill-informed landowners to turn a blind eye to badger persecution.
She and her colleagues looked inside 10 100-kilometer-square culling zones where badgers had been removed, regardless of whether or not cattle were infected.
After the 1993 cattle breakdowns, five badgers were trapped; four were positive for Mi bovis on culture.
The whole plan to cull 30 per cent of Ireland's badgers is horrendous and should be abolished immediately.
Wildlife liaison officer PC Andy McWilliam said entrances to the sett had been deliberately blocked giving the badgers no chance of escape.