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BADGE. A mark or sign worn by some persons, or placed upon certain things for the purpose of designation. Some public officers, as watchmen, policemen, and the like, are required to wear badges that they may be readily known. It is used figuratively when we say, possession of personal property by the seller, is. a badge of fraud.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"A microcredential acknowledges the professional in every educator," says Cate Tolnai, an academic technology specialist who oversees a PD badging program operated by the Santa Clara County Office of Education in California, which covers districts across Silicon Valley.
While badging may not yet rank as highly as blended learning or makerspaces among today's powerful edtech trends, they are gaining momentum as a tool that students and educators can use to paint a fuller picture of their knowledge and skills.
"Students have never connected the dots--they don't realize they've developed these skills," says Bishop, who is helping five system institutions launch badging programs.
The university runs faculty training sessions on badging and has established a review process for when faculty submit ideas for microcredentials.
Currently, these issuers need to possess some technical expertise, but as badging becomes more prevalent, this should shill.
Although these examples are specific to one member organization of the CTE community, it is anticipated that other organizations will follow with their own badging systems in the very near future.
These developments signal the fast approach of a tipping point for digital badging in K-12 education.
At Marsh & McLennan, badging is a quick process.
Employee badging, the most basic use of an ID system, is still one of the most popular.
If you choose not to do badging in-house but rather to hire a company to do your badging, many companies offer a service bureau.