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But he had found that humdrum world in a terribly dynamic condition, in which even badinage and lyrism had turned explosive; and the first day of this visit had become the most fatal epoch of his life.
Jealous as Arthur Welsh was of all who inflicted gay badinage, however gentlemanly, on Maud Peters, he never forgot that he was an artist.
Mr Shute had lowered with ease the record for gay badinage, hitherto held by the red-faced customer; yet to all appearances there had been no change in Arthur's manner.
Without ever quitting her tone of BADINAGE and playful superiority, she intoxicated me with the sense that I was necessary to her, that she was never at ease, unless I was near her, submitting to her playful tyranny.
All this in a fascinating voice with a ripple of badinage that seemed to play upon the sober surface of her thoughts.
Then, suddenly altering his tone, "Excuse this frivolous family badinage, Mr.
Then, too, at Sunday picnics or when coming home from the show, either arm betrayed a practised familiarity in stealing around girls' waists, while he displayed a wit keen and delightful in the flirtatious badinage that was expected of a good fellow in his class.
So, with laughter and shouts and endless badinage and merriment, the guests take their places.
Once our holiday- makers saw a horse and cart, and once a youth riding a black horse amidst the badinage of the passersby.
In my industry flirtation and badinage and quips make it fun and harmless - you take it with a pinch of salt.
Or whatever word posh people use for banter probably badinage.
You'll feel the affront at the twin "stack-a-prole" housing projects that rear up like a giant two-fingered salute to the Boroughs, "two upended and pissperfumed sarcophagi that would replace the tenant's back-wall badinage and summer doorstep idylls with more vertical arrangements, thin-air isolation and the tension rising with each number lit up in the climbing after-curfew lift, a suicide's-eye view of what had been done to the territory around them that was inescapable.