badly calculated

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The closure was part of a badly calculated cost-cutting exercise, based on highly questionable "cost per station visit" criteria.
Morsy's recent constitutional amendments were not only a surprise to everyone and a badly calculated move; they were a vulgar attempt to dominate all branches of the state and proclaim the president an ultimate unaccountable authority.
Appell adds that badly calculated taxes and slow response to Customs officials are among the most common forwarder pitfalls, but that value can be added by addressing these concerns as soon as they surface.
So when Russia responded swiftly and lethally to Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili's badly calculated adventure in South Ossetia, the West was taken by a surprise.
Some believe Russia could make its enemy - who have an army more than 20 times smaller - pay for the badly calculated gamble to claim back South Ossetia while the eyes of the world were focused on the Olympics.
That means it was badly conceived, badly calculated, and badly decided."
In a series of badly calculated press releases, the Pentagon first claimed that a sniper had fired from the hotel and that the Americans were defending themselves.
All Europe's peoples have learnt to distrust them; and by their arrogance they have so alienated everyone that even they are beginning to feel (and may soon feel even more) that perhaps they have badly calculated their own best interests.