badly made

See: inferior, poor
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Her dresses, badly chosen as to their hues, were perhaps not badly made, but were certainly badly worn.
Being badly made it was taken apart and put together again, by the light of the fire.
The little princess grumbled to her maid that her bed was badly made.
He dressed neatly, but his morning coat was badly made, and his picturesque felt hat was too old.
The roads, even within twelve miles of London, were at that time ill paved, seldom repaired, and very badly made.
The selection of poets was badly made by the publishers, so that many of the lives deal with very minor versifiers.
There are lots of waste ground by the side of the roads in every village, amounting often to village greens, where feed the pigs and ganders of the people; and these roads are old-fashioned, homely roads, very dirty and badly made, and hardly endurable in winter, but still pleasant jog- trot roads running through the great pasture-lands, dotted here and there with little clumps of thorns, where the sleek kine are feeding, with no fence on either side of them, and a gate at the end of each field, which makes you get out of your gig (if you keep one), and gives you a chance of looking about you every quarter of a mile.
24 (ANI) : John Rogers one of the credited writers for the 2004 infamous superwoman flick 'Catwoman' has described the movie as a badly made one.
For decades, the first week in January and the last week in August had been designated as dead zones, time frames in which less worthy movies -- many of them badly made horror tales -- would go to languish and die slow commercial deaths.
Noting that antibiotics and other antimicrobial medicines are manufactured and prescribed at doses designed to destroy the pathogens that are causing illness, the report states that if a treatment course contains only a fraction of the correct dose, or if it is so badly made that the active ingredients are not released properly, then it is only likely to destroy some of the pathogens, but not all of them.
On a practical note, it can often be a whole lot cheaper than mass produced, badly made high street new equivalents too.
WE hoped they would nail the King of Greed but in the end he stitched them up like a badly made frock.