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Islamabad [Pakistan], Feb 28 ( ANI ): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday said that he is baffled by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) not taking action against Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif despite having been provided with ample evidence of his misdoings.
Numerical investigation of turbulent flow generated in baffled stirred vessels equipped with three different turbines in one and two-stage system, Energy 36: 50815093.
If your ridge vent is externally baffled, you should not be concerned about the proper ventilation ratio.
Summary: The Duchess of Cambridge seemed baffled when she came face-to-face with the doll version of herself during a visit to Scotland.
FEW things match the frustration of unwrapping your latest electronic pride and joy and finding yourself baffled by how to get your shiny new gizmo going.
Its residents have also suffered appalling architecture, bad planning, sub-standard housing, and a road network which would leave Krypton Factor contestants baffled, and high levels of unemployment.
In baffled tanks, on the other handby contrast, the baffles create turbulence that enhances mixing.
WE have had Hawkeye and the Hot-spot - but the latest technology to enhance the armchair sports fans' viewing has left me baffled - Mole Cam.
Judge Farmer told the jury: "You may have been as baffled and horrified as I was to discover you couldn't see the girl's face, as baffled and horrified as I was to find she was being interviewed about allegations of this sort by a man and by the fact that his face was completely blocked out of the picture.
Locals were left baffled when the furniture appeared on rocks in shallow water at Loch Airighna Lic on Lewis.
A VICTORIAN boot found lodged up a tree has baffled historians at Blenheim Palace.
Kuzmanic and Ljubicic (2001) reported that in a fully baffled tank, the intensity of turbulence is primarily responsible for the dispersion of floating solids.