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Boy baffler He always asks you out day-of, leaving you waiting and wondering 'til the weekend.
Frank, editor of the political and literary journal The Baffler and author of One Market, Under God, grew up in Kansas, though he now lives in Washington, D.
Commodify Your Dissent: Salvos from the Baffler by Thomas Frank (Editor), Matt Weiland (Editor); W.
Seattle-based baffler of flavored syrups and producer of specially sauces and confections, was recently awarded the "E" award.
The Bush administration's Global Gag Rule will pose an added baffler by forcing local reproductive health service providers to choose between substantial US funding and legal abortion provision.
As refrigerator manufacturers adopt less aggressive blowing agents, however, a trend toward eliminating the baffler layer has developed.
He has written for a long roster of publications that includes The Baffler, The Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, Newsday, In These Times, and the San Francisco Examiner.
It is widely believed that the real issue for the government is not the cost of the nevirapine for preventing maternal-infant transmission (which the drug's manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim has offered free, although the cost of so little nevirapine would not be a baffler in any case), but that once the government provides the drug routinely to HIV-positive pregnant women, there will certainly be more pressure to also treat the mothers, fathers, and others.
As Thomas Frank and The Baffler have persistently and presciently reminded us, dissent can be commodified, and bohemian nonconformity co-opted by and absorbed into the late-capitalist culture of consumption, with relative ease.