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In addition to lightening up the work routine at Baffler Corp.
See the TN Background for explanations of these body bafflers.
Significantly, both The Baffler and Hermenaut, founded by refugees from academe, aim specifically at resuscitating generalism.
I was reflecting on the fact that I would want to recommend the new issue of The Baffler without disclosing my enjoyment of Eddie Vedder's singing when it occurred to me to wonder, What are the incorruptible alternative bands of which Nirvana and the like are pale imitators?
But probably the highlight of Baffler 15 is Chris Lehman's rumination on America's "postcritical" condition.
Thomas Frank, editor of The Baffler, is the author of One Market Under God, forthcoming from Doubleday.
Frank is a rising leftist intellectual star who edits The Baffler, a magazine of cultural criticism, and writes critiques of advertising and big business.
Frank is the editor-in-chief of The Baffler, an irregular magazine of cultural criticism.
The Baffler, a crisp little magazine from Chicago (P.
Kidon's criticality is akin to that practiced by the editors of The Baffler or, better still, the kids in the film-within-a-film Scream trilogy.