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It is very difficult to hide even a slight emotion or sentiment from fifteen inquisitive and unoccupied young girls, whose wits and mischief ask for nothing better than secrets to guess, schemes to create or baffle, and who know how to find too many interpretations for each gesture, glance, and word, to fail in discovering the right one.
My interest in the question of the forgery was now at an end, and my only object in keeping the letter was to make it of some future service in clearing up the last mystery that still remained to baffle me--the parentage of Anne Catherick on the father's side.
The unit's integrated mixing baffles are double-helix shaped to ensure thorough tablet mixing with gentle handling.
The baffles provide noise reduction as well as completely sealing the cavity offering 100% protection from moisture and contaminants.
admits light directly, while a second larger area of colour is admitted indirectly by reflection from painted surfaces concealed by baffles.
New also is a unique approach to Multiple Frames of Reference (MFR) for modeling applications such as the interaction of impeller and baffles in mixing vessels.
Contract notice: Schulzentrum neustadt / aisch - refurbishment dreifachsporthalle, baffles.
The new glass-lined steel reactors employ three glass-lined baffles that attach to the reactor wall, rather than the single baffle used in conventional glass-lined equipment.
Sika Corporation announces the acquisition of the Magna Groups' business unit for acoustic baffles and reinforcing materials.
Baffle Layout -- a scaled drawing of the tube bundle, indicating the location of baffles and support plates.
In the third tender package following trade union is to be awarded LV - 17: Gymnasium baffles and Goals approximately 440 m2 baffles, surface spruce panelsabout 4 pieces of equipment Goalsabout 8 interior doors in baffleabout 1 exterior door in the baffle.
The three wall-mounted baffles enhance heat transfer, solids suspension and distribution, gas dispersion, gas flow rates, and mass transfer through improved mixing The sidewall construction of the baffles makes all top head nozzles available for process use.