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The Express Tribune quoted the PTI Chief as saying that the NAB's silence over proof of corruption and money laundering is baffling and mind-boggling for him.
Other text talk baffling parents includes "deadout", which means rubbish or tired.
Baffling is always required for liquid-liquid dispersion, with the exception of suspension polymerization and certain highly shear-sensitive emulsion polymerizations [33].
The existing range has eight (8) firing lanes, overhead baffling, and a steel bullet trap.
In this work, the experimental and numerical tests were performed to investigate the effects of baffling and baffle angle on the sediment removal efficiency of an irrigation sedimentation basin.
A tiny statue found in an Egyptian mummy's tomb is baffling experts by apparently moving on its own.
"Everyone loves gadgets but our subscribers come to us because they want straight-forward tips and no-nonsense advice on sometimes simple but still quite baffling gadget problems," says founder Crispin Thomas.