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The Chipping Norton-born paceman has proved a stunning pick-up by Warwickshire, having first arrived on a loan deal in 2011 after being bafflingly deemed surplus to requirements by Essex.
has an awful script and a small pool of Spice Girls hits to work with, mostly rearranged bafflingly.
Bafflingly, the useless local cops adopted a bizarre pantomime approach to the killer's confession.
Scotland's hopes of qualifying for Euro 2008 ended when Christian Panucci headed a last-gasp winner for Italy at Hampden after Spanish referee Manuel Gonzalez bafflingly awarded the visitors a free-kick when Alan Hutton was barged over, and Miller was left with a familiar feeling.
To the man in the street, the new system looks bafflingly opaque.
The No campaign, in the form of True Wales, puts up leading member Len Gibbs to go on the radio to bafflingly try to burnish their Welsh credentials by saying he went to the same school as Richard Burton.
An abundant number of song and dance routines are sprinkled over the tale, including bafflingly, a Grease medley and then a rather gruelling scene involving a bandaged spook and seven renditions of the same verse from the Ghostbusters' theme.
Reigning league champions Wolves - whose Cup record over more than a decade is bafflingly poor - have lost little momentum from their title win last season, and are certainties to finish in the play-off places once more even if they are a little adrift of the all-round power of Poole.
Delicate moments inspired by country waltzes and cowboy-style laments swoon, but the bafflingly named band fail to capture a masterful sound.
Two courses of modern folk, a blues blow-out, bass-heavy reggae, guitar driven gypsy-jazz and an entree of smooth sounds variously described as chamber-jazz and, bafflingly, as post-jazz
Prog rock is a genre loved by its fans for it's bafflingly dense and complicated nature - epic guitar solos, concept albums, noodling synthesizers and the like.
Well, look at our group: apart from Australia, it's only Fiji, Canada and Japan with, bafflingly, two home games in a contest allegedly taking place in France.