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Nat's funny and engaging but Josh is a moron who, bafflingly, has beautiful women falling at his feet.
The stable has a bafflingly lousy record at the track, but I bet one of Fahey's main objectives is to correct that aberration as soon as possible.
Most notably, a cultural confusion arises with the number of bafflingly named characters, some of whom change their names as the novel progresses.
Scotland's hopes of qualifying for Euro 2008 ended when Christian Panucci headed a last-gasp winner for Italy at Hampden after Spanish referee Manuel Gonzalez bafflingly awarded the visitors a free-kick when Alan Hutton was barged over, and Miller was left with a familiar feeling.
Yet the Moon nestles in an area which can see some issues, bafflingly beyond reach.
My favourite onion fact is the world record for semantically independent consecutive uses of the word 'onion' which was set by Anthony Burgess in his novel Enderby Outside, when he wrote the immortal lines: '[He] breathed on Hogg-Enderby, bafflingly (for no banquet would serve, because of the known redolence of onions, onions) onions.
Previously a wimpy, geek-rock outfit churning out watered-down indie songs that were bafflingly popular, they have returned as a brash electronica outfit.
I have very recently been an astonished observer of a bank's bafflingly crass treatment of a student who has just completed a postgraduate course.
Ataka's demand for a referendum would defuse the issue, he claimed, somewhat bafflingly.
railway project was noisy, smelly, hot, strenuous and sometimes bafflingly mundane work--but it taught me to appreciate every minute in front of my laptop, tapping away at the keys.
But they had their own reason to carp when they appeared to have won the game with an interception by Troy Polamalu - only to have it rather bafflingly reversed.